There are many resources available to assist you with your wellbeing and mental health.  Here you will find a range of fact sheets, tips, videos and apps to help you.

Entertainment Assist Community Hub

The support we can offer each other is also a great resource.  The Entertainment Assist Community Hub (EACH) is a private Facebook Group for people within the Australian entertainment industry to share information, resources & conversation about mental health. 


Entertainment Assist and Black Dog Institute have created a number of helpful fact sheets around depression and bipolar disorder.


Bipolar disorder

Sane Australia has high-quality fact sheets which are well-regarded by medical professionals and members of the community alike. Each topic has a range of materials that can be read, watched, listened to or downloaded for later.

Way ahead has fact sheets that describe the signs and symptoms of different types of mental illness as well as the latest treatment methods and referral options.

To find out more about the symptoms and signs of depression and anxiety visit beyondblue and get the facts.


Meditation can help to reduce stress, increase happiness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

These guided meditations are a simple way to start.


While depression, anxiety and other conditions often require specific advice and treatment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle underpins mental health. The benefits of good nutrition, exercise and enough sleep are well documented, but all of these can be difficult to maintain as a result of travel, the health of another family member, long and inconsistent hours and fluctuating work schedules. The following are some general tips which may provide pathways to supporting wellbeing:

  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Mental Fitness Boost your well-being and stay mentally healthy by following a few simple steps.
  • 50 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in the Arts Feeling burned out? Here are practical tips and advice from community arts workers, artists, practitioners and managers on how to manage self-care in the arts.
  • 8 Ways to Deal with Post Show Blues You have just finished a great season. You're expected to be elated so how do you respond when you actually feel like you have hit a wall? This article by ArtsHub's Deputy Editor, Madeleine Dore explores eight ways to deal with post show blues.
  • 7 Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid Psychologist guy Winch lays out seven useful ways to reboot your emotional health...starting right now.
  • Sleep Hygiene 'Sleep hygiene' means habits that help you have a good night's sleep. You can learn to retrain your body and mind so that you sleep well and wake feeling rested.
  • Staying Healthy Staying healthy is important for everybody. Looking after your body by exercising regularly, eating well, getting regular sleep and reducing stress can really improve the way you feel and think.
  • Staying Healthy While Filming On location Being in the entertainment industry, travel is as much a part of your life as reading a script. This being said, traveling can wear down the immune system, especially if taking measures to prevent illness falls by the way side. It’s easy to give your body the support it needs and these remedies are simple, easy and effective.
  • Tips for Surviving the Acting Industry From handling the few first months as a professional, when you're seen as a potential Next Big Thing, to maintaining focus when the work dries up, Michael Simkins offers survival tips for life in the toughest of industries.

Disclaimer: These tips contain general information only. No responsibility is accepted by Entertainment Assist, its directors, sponsors, partners, or members or the authors of any fact sheets for the accuracy of any information contained in this publication or the consequences of any person relying upon information. The contents of these publications should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.


Listen to podcasts featuring Entertainment Assist talking about mental health and generalist mental health podcasts to help support positive wellbeing.

Useful Apps

There are many mental health and wellbeing apps available that are useful tools to support mental health and wellbeing. Here's a great list of apps for your consideration.