Entertainment Assist has developed a one hour presentation (including question time) that raises awareness about the issues faced by our industry.  The information session includes:

  • an overview of our industry, 
  • key findings from our research, 
  • mental health in the entertainment industry, 
  • a brief introduction to anxiety, depression and how to have the mental health conversation, and 
  • some ways to help self and others.  

The presentation is designed to raise awareness, and ignite conversation, about the mental health and wellbeing of our industry workers and is well suited for inclusion in industry conferences, staff meetings, student inductions and community information sessions. The session can be presented to any number of people.

Organisations that have engaged EA to present information sessions in their workplaces include: VAPAC Technical Managers Network, Griffith University, Village on Boardway, NARPACA, VAPAC Box Office Manager's Network, Victorian College of the Arts, CircuitWest.