Entertainment Assist's Community Fundraising Kit is designed to help you organise your own fundraising event. It contains guidelines and suggestions as well as information about your responsibilities as a fundraiser.

Click here to download the Community Fundraising Kit. It contains

  • Fundraising Terms of Agreement

  • Community Fundraising Guideline FAQs

  • Forms for creating budgets, keeping track of donations and for registering as an Entertainment Assist funding event.

This kit is not intended for use by commercial services who should instead contact our (Acting) General Manager, Julia Edwards on (03) 9667 6560 or email.

fundraising case study: out frOm under

Out From Under is an annual event produced by Matthew Management aimed at removing the stigma surrounding mental health within the entertainment industry by bringing it out of the shadows. Entertainment Assist is a key beneficiary of this event.

 In 2016, the Sydney Out from Under was hosted by Gorgi Coghlan and directed by Kelley Abbey and featured performances from some of Australia’s most talented artists from all sectors of the arts community. Artists included Debra Byrne, Silvie Paladino, Rob Mills, Lucy Durack, Amy Campbell, Ben Abraham, Casey Donovan, Ainsley Melham, Loren Hunter, Monique Montez, Troy Sussman, Rob Tripolino, Adam-Jon Fiorentino, Michael James Scott, Heather Mitchell, Rachael Beck, Simon Phillips, Damien Leith, The Idea of North, The Tap Pack and DrummerQueens. Musical Director for this one-off event was Luke Hunter.