Healthy and resilient performers, creatives and technicians live full and happy lives and by doing so, contribute to the ongoing importance of the performing arts and entertainment industry to the cultural landscape of Australia.  

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the work of Entertainment Assist -use your voice as an advocate for our cause, donate or organise a fundraiser. Your involvement, in whatever capacity, will help to support change in the lives of those whose creative work brings us all such joy.

In 2016 our patrons, individual and major donors assisted Entertainment Assist to:

  • present Intermission sessions in arts industry workplaces
  • conduct information sessions for educators, professional networks and performing arts students
  • commission world first research "Working in the Australian Entertainment Industry: Final Report, Nov 2016"

Our advocates and supporters include performers, technicians, support crew, directors, venue managers and avid audience members - all partnering for change with Entertainment Assist.  

Please #haveheart and join us on our journey. Together we will make a difference!