AAWE Wellness Forum Wrap Up

Over the last month Entertainment Assist, in association with Everymind, conducted a series of Wellness Forums across Australia.  A big thank you to all the host venues and everyone who attended. We were thrilled to see such a wide range of industry sectors represented in each state.

These forums formed the qualitative phase of a research project Entertainment Assist, on behalf of AAWE, is conducting with Everymind.  This research project is to identify existing industry wellness initiatives; what’s missing and our industry priorities. Findings from this research will help inform the development of a ‘Prevention First’ Framework for Mental Health in the Australian Entertainment Industry.

The forums introduced everyone to the Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment (AAWE), a peer-to-peer initiative with a purpose to develop a   so that we can learn how to help our industry peers who may be ‘in severe distress’ in terms of mental health.

Susan Cooper, GM Entertainment Assist, began each of the forums with a presentation highlighting Entertainment Assist’s research findings regarding the state of mental health across our industry, and an introduction into ways we can start to action change.

The forums then broke into round table sector-based discussion, where attendees could discuss the level of mental health education, help and knowledge available to the Australian entertainment industry. It seems the general consensus is that there needs to be a lot more education and help readily available for those who need it.

Susan highlighted the importance of the individual. We each have the ability to aid the mental health battle; we each have a voice and we can each be the one who keeps the conversation going in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

The mental health and wellbeing of Australian entertainment industry professionals is our joint responsibility.  We all must learn to take care of self and support our peers. If you find yourself needing help, there are places you can go and people you can talk to.  https://www.entertainmentassist.org.au/finding-support

For all those unable to attend the Wellness Forums, you still have an opportunity to participate in the quantitative phase of the research. A link to an online survey will be circulated in the New Year.